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About Access Health Care Physicians

What is Access Health Care
Physicians, LLC?

The three pillars of Access Health Care Physicians

  • Compliance: Compliance means compliance with the law, doing what is right, always, with everyone. It means being transparent and sincere and not hiding errors but bringing them out in the open so that they can be part of our learning experience and can be eliminated. Creating a culture where integrity is everything and ignorance of law is not used as a pretext for not doing the right thing.
  • Quality: This is the central pillar which means always striving for excellence and measuring ourselves constantly so that we can be the best. This includes continuity of care and coordinated care based on a team-oriented approach.
  • Evidence-based medicine: This means practicing medicine based on standards. And making decisions based on medical necessity and not based on profits. Neither over-utilization nor underutilization but focusing on the patient’s well-being as an end in itself.

The goals of Access Health Care Physicians

  • Wholesome experience: This is the keystone to our interactions with patients. Ensuring that technology is not intrusive, ensuring that the office is seen as a second home, the medical home, and their comfort is our aim.
  • Patient engagement: Communicating with patients about their needs and challenges, communicating with family members and all providers in their care so that patients understand their condition and are empowered. To ensure that they are involved in decision-making and their rights respected so that the patient-physician relationship is a partnership.
  • Best outcomes: Objective and subjective outcomes that show the value of our interventions towards a holistic healthcare model where the complete person is considered is our objective.
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Access Health Care Physicians, LLC offers employment opportunities in diverse work settings within a dynamic corporate culture. Access Health Care Physicians has been in operation since 2001 and as we continue to expand there are opportunities at every level.We are proud of our corporate culture, which respects employees and values their innovations that lead to superior patient care. Access Health Care Physycians, LLC is an equal opportunity workplace. We are proud of our corporate commitment to honor and respect the diversity of our community.

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